1:1 Makeup Lesson Terms & Conditions


BOOKING YOUR LESSON: Booking Fees are non-refundable & non-transferable. All bookings must be made via my booking page and booking fees must be paid at time of booking. Booking amount is dependent on the lesson type. Discount available for subsequent lessons booked with Nikki after taking part in your first lesson.  The balance must be paid upon arrival before the lesson begins, this is cash only. 

CANCELLATIONS: The student may cancel the lesson at any point, however must let the Makeup Artist know at their earliest convenience in writing via text/email/Facebook message. The Makeup Artist will be under no obligation to refund any of the money paid up until the point of cancellation, however the student will not be liable for any further payments. Cancellations made by the Makeup Artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the Makeup Artists performance of their obligations where no other suitable alternative can be offered, a full refund will be given to the student or the option to reschedule the lesson for another date. No further compensation will be offered. If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the Makeup Artist where possible the Makeup Artist will endeavor to rectify such situations however no compensation will be offered on the Makeup Artists part.

PUNCTUALITY: The student understands the Makeup Artist is under a tight schedule & is restricted to the given time limit per lesson, meaning that if the student or model is late for their lesson by 30 minutes or more, the Makeup Artist may not be able to carry out the lesson in full, however the student is then responsible for payment of the full lesson. Refusal of payment will result in no further bookings until the payment has been received. The time slot given for the lessons are a guide. The Makeup Artist has given time to cater for all abilities from beginner to advanced. Should the lesson run over the allocated time slot the student will not be required to pay for the extra time. If the student finishes early they are free to leave once happy that all questions have been answered & that they have taken full advantage of time with the Makeup Artist however no further looks can be created in the spare time at the end of lessons.

PHOTOS/ADVERTISEMENT: The student understands that the Makeup Artist may use any images taken during the lesson for advertisement purposes on social media/etc. & the Makeup Artist may take pictures of both their own work & the work the student created under their supervision. The student understands that images of them may be taken before, during & after the makeup application takes place. The model must be comfortable in front of the camera with & without makeup & understands that any images taken throughout the lesson may be used on social media by the Makeup Artist. The student agrees that any images taken during the lesson & after of the makeup created on the lesson may be posted on social media however the student must: 1. Credit the Makeup Artist by tagging in the caption/picture and 2. State that the look has been created on a lesson with the Makeup Artist. The Makeup Artist & student will share any images taken from the lesson with each other.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT: The Makeup Artist tries to keep the lessons exclusive. The Makeup Artist has put together an advanced set of techniques & is sharing with the student her knowledge, experience & secrets learned on her Makeup Journey, this is why there is a charge for Makeup Lessons & the Makeup Artist does not offer any teaching or tips/tricks for free. Please remember that the Makeup Artist is teaching you, the student. Product lists, notes & guides from the Makeup Artist are for your eyes only.

LOCATION: All lessons will take place at Serenity Nails & Beauty, 83 Park Road, Springfield, Wigan, WN6 7AE, unless otherwise stated upon booking.

Mobile lessons are not currently available.

Thank you for reading, any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Nikki directly via email: nikkilawsonmakeup@gmail.com or via the contact form above.