1:1 Makeup Lessons

I offer a wide selection of 1:1 non-accreddited Makeup Lessons. Lessons can be adapted to various skill levels from Beginner to Advanced, and can either be “Learn Your Own Face” style or the learner can bring a model.

Makeup Lessons

  • Whats in Your Makeup Bag? (1hr 30min)
  • 1 Look Lesson (2 hours)
  • 2 Look Lesson (4 hours)
  • Skin Focus (1hr 30min)
  • Eye Focus (1hr 30min)

I also offer Special Effects Makeup Lessons, from a “Basics” 4 Hour Lesson, to a 2 Day Course. These lessons include: Creating bruises, wounds and scars, making and applying basic prosthetic pieces and creating a “Character” look from the skills learned.

Special Effects Makeup Lessons

  • Beginner Basics Lesson (4 Hours)
  • 1 Day Course (6 hrs 30min)
  • 2 Day Course (2 x 6hrs 30min)

Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a lesson.