How I Clean my Make-Up Brushes

Hi Everyone!!
As you all know dirty make-up brushes/sponges breed germs and bacteria, especially brushes used for liquid or cream products.
I have had a random break out over the past week – I have had quite a few spots around my nose – So I decided to deep clean my brushes. I try to deep clean them once a week, but this varies depending on how often I use them, what products I have used them for and if I remember. I do spot clean my brushes after every use.
Spot Cleaning – For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is basically a quick clean of a brush after its been used. Basically I spray some brush cleaner on to a tissue and gently brush the brush back and forth.
I use MAC brush cleaner, which I believe is £10 per bottle, and I decanted come into a spray bottle to make it easier to use and easier to store on my vanity. I have found brush cleaner quite difficult to buy in my local area. Obviously there’s MAC – If you have a local counter – Clinique also do a brush cleanser, which is £13, and No 7 (Boots) also have one which is around £8.
Deep Clean – I have previously used the MAC brush cleaner as a deep cleanser, but I found I was using quite a lot of the product as it is a liquid. I now use an anti-bacterial hand wash. You can buy this from the supermarket, the local drug store and even the £1 shop. I use a small pot to put some of the hand wash in, and a couple of clean towels – one to dry my hands and another to lay my freshly washed brushes on.
So basically, I put a couple of inches of hot water into the sink, squeeze some of the gel into the pot for easy access, and I start with the cleanest brushes first. I change the water 4-5 times depending on how dirty my brushes are. I dip the brush into the water – making sure I do not completely submerge the bristles to preserve the glue holding the bristles and handle together – then dip into the cleanser and work the brush in circular motions on the palm of my hand. For my liquid foundation and powder brush I may repeat the process to make sure I have removed all of the old make-up (Yuk!!).
To dry my brushes I use the Sigma “Shape ‘n’ Dry”. (For more details click here) which I purchased online from Sigma. I love how simple it is to use, and I also stand it upside down to stop water running down into the brush handle. For the smaller brushes I put the bristles back into shape and leave them on the clean towel to dry, usually over night.
It may seem like a long process but it only takes me around 20 minutes now. Although that does depend on how many brushes you have!!
I really want to try out the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (For more details click here).
It reminds me of a silicone oven glove, but all the different groves and bobbles are used for different brushes, or to help squeeze water out and reshape the brushes. This would most definitely be kinder to my hands!!
Hope you enjoyed reading my post!!
Let me know if any of you have used the Sigma Shape “n” Dry or the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove by leaving comments below, or you can tweet me @beautyfulbrunet
See you all soon!

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