Treatment Profile: HD Brows

What are HD (Highly Defined) Brows?

HD Brows is an eyebrow shaping technique with a multi step approach to achieve a defined brow.

Are HD Brows suitable for people with a sparse brow?

This will be discussed between the client and technician before the treatment, and individuals with sparse brows may require a sequence of appointments to achieve the desired effect. However, sometimes it is possible that the treatment can not be carried out on individuals with very sparse brows.

What are the different steps in the treatment?

Client Consultation – to discuss the treatment and clients expectations

Eyebrow Tinting – to tint the brows

Measuring and drawing the perfect brow – identifies what hair is to be removed

Waxing the brow – removing the unwanted hair and defining the brow

Threading the brow – removing the finer hair and defining the brow

Tweezing and Trimming – defining the brow

Applying Makeup to the brow – makeup is required to get the final look and the highly defined brow.

Is there any maintenance with HD Brows?

Yes – the complete look can only be achieved with the application of makeup, and the technician will explain this and show the difference between brows with makeup and brows without. To keep the brows defined it is advised to rebook the treatment every 3 weeks.

2 Replies to “Treatment Profile: HD Brows”

  1. Definitely. I use the tint on one of my very fair clients – I take the tint off and reapply as required to get the shade she likes. As the developer is a cream it develops the tint slower, and as you add graphite to the brown to tone you get a lovely dimensional colour on the brows. 😊


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